Acadmic year 2003-2004


Nikas pictures of the BBQ up here!


Hi guys, Lakes trip was great - trip report up soon.... new pictures up here

Viola Summer Lakes trip 2004

Dans Summer Lakes trip 2004

Kias Wales Photos 2004

Violas Scotland 2004 pics

May 24, 2004

Nikas BBQ up here

May 15, 2004

Helenes scotland pics up here

May 12, 2004

Info up about the ALPs trip. See the trips page.

May 11, 2004

Just got back from Wales - we had an enjoyable and energetic trip! Some running around the mountains kept us all fit! If you went on the trip and took a camera (as most of you did) could you email me your pictures or bring them on a CD to the meeting on Thursday.


Trip 2 - Lake district . Week 6 (28 th -31 st May).

We are taking initial deposits of £30 this week. We have had lots of interest for the trip. If you could email me with your names we will get your signed up. It's a first come - first served basis. The final cost of the trip may be more than £30 as we might go Alton towers but as yet we are still undecided as this will increase the cost of the trip by about £20. Depending on what people want to do - we could run it as a day trip caz I really wanna go!!



Hi guys, scotland trip report is up - Thanks ADRIC!!! Click here to check it out. Al and Kias pictures are also up online, you can find them here!

BBQ on at the end of this week - come on!! email dan for more info

April 23, 2004

Trip 1-----we are going back to Wales for the week 3 (8th and 9th of May) trip.  We have lots of ideas for things to do, but if there are any specific areas in Wales or peaks that you want to climb let us know.  Im a big fan of the glyders area- for more info have a look here

There are some pretty cool things up there including the cantilever, the jagged summit of Glyder Fach and also the Adam and Eve stones. According to one website - 'The summit is marked with two big stones, which are called Adam and Eve. According to tradition, he who jumps from one stone to the other is proclaimed Freeman of Tryfan. If you see the two stones, one can hardly believe that anybody is so foolish to make the jump: if you miss, you'll have a proper chance of taking a fast route down Tryfan...' Some pictures of the region can be seen here. Previous pictures of trips to this area can be found here

Trip 2---------Return to the Lakes!!  This is week 6 (28th-31st May). This will be on the bank holiday weekend and we will return on the Monday evening. We are hoping to stay in a very nice camping barn in the area and do a couple of great walking including Helvellyn.

The website below has some great pictures of the area in the winter and summer time. On the Monday we will be hoping to round the year off with a day trip to Alton towers.. bring it on!!!  We are unsure of the cost of the trip at present as we are negotiating a group ticket discount, but it is likely that it will be an extra £17 for admission into the park.  Check out

April 5, 2004

Hello everyone, just to let you know that the scotland trip was a great success and the first pictures are up here now!!


Wales trip Winter Jan/Feb 2004 (Phils)

Random video of Rachels dog in wales :)




Film Starts at 19:00 tomorrow and is being shown in the main Lecture theatre, with Petter as the projectionist.  Fell meeting after at 8:30 in the sports bar.

Women Beyond Borders Written & Directed: by Jean K. Chamoun and Mai Masri Languages: English Running time: 58 minutes

Documentary 2004, The film tells the story of Kifah Afifi, a Palestinian refugee, massacre survivor and ex-political prisoner from the notorious Khiam Detention Centre in south Lebanon. Kifah recounts her experience of torture and brutality as well as the powerful bonds of friendship forged with her fellow inmates behind bars. The film focuses on the lives of women who have broken the boundaries - literal and metaphoric -that society, history, and politics have placed before them.


Laserquest - 2nd march, email Dan



Hi everyone - sorry for the lack of updates, having a v busy term!

Adric has uploaded the latest trip report and below is a small snippet of whats to come.

'The rain was constant, the wind was strong and the path up the mountain was now more like a river, than a path. We all approached this challenge with great determination to beat the weather and conquer the mountain, we even had a bit of comedy provided by the bag fairy (Rupie), who had taken to wearing bin bags as he had no waterproof trousers.'

Find the rest of it here

Ok we are going to start cranking up the social calender soon, with laserquest on 18th of feb, sound ok with everyone?

Take it easy



Lo Just to fill in about dates and stuff. Wales is this week 30th - 1st. Dartmoor will be End of week 8 5th - 7th of March and the easter trip is likely to be from the 29th of march to the 2nd of April with walks up Ben Nevis and around loch ness "Ach! it's NESSIE!". What about other social stuff. The pub crawl will be soon me hopes.

Big up yourself

the AL-mister general. AYE!


Term Trips

Trips this term are Dartmoor and Wales , trip dates and accommodation haven't been finalised yet, but are likely to be week 3 (W/C jan 26) onwards.

Easter Trip

Al has informed me that there will be a trip running to Scotland (Brrrr..) during the Easter term- at present I have no idea what routes or mountains we are planning, but for more info have a chat with Al at the social.


Back by popular demand, we are heading to laserquest within the first few weeks of term. This is normally on the student night which is a Wednesday.Bring it on Oxford Uni..

Pub Crawl

This term Cowley road is going to bear the strain of Fellwalkers on a sesh. Depending on peoples timetables we will either do this mid or end of the week. We may well end up in Clementines.

End of term meal

I know it's a long way off, but we decided that we would do it all over again, just as a way of spending any extra cash we have left over on booze for the meal.:) yay


Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a good New Years and looking forward to getting stuck back into uni life. just a quick update to say that there are 2 trips planned for this term - North Wales and Dartmoor. We havent decided which trip is going to be run first yet, but we are going to decide that on thursdays meeting.

Speaking of which, first meeting is Thursday 8th of January in the sports bar at 8pm.

Anyway - we have plenty of stuff planned this term, including more laserquesting,pubcrawlling, drinking type action...

Hope ya all have a great term. See you out there




Lo All, Hope you have all enjoyed the term, looking forward to seeing you all next year, have a great xmas and new year.

Take it easy

Dan :)


Woot! nearly xmas - Was sent this poem, its about rain :)


Lo there, quick update - lots of pictures been uploaded.

Adric has finished the North Yorks trip report, you can see it here.

Pictures of the North Yorks trip are up here!!

Pictures from the xmas bash are up here!

We are going to pleasuredome next thursday. If you want to arrange for us to get tickets for you, email me no later than monday (1st Dec) If you want to go after that you will have to sort out getting tickets for yourself, but we will see you in there!

Take it easy




Hi Everyone, hope you are all enjoying revising!! hahah ive finished!!!

Adric has finished the trip report to the North York Moors in double quick time, and is has been uploaded, check it out here. Pictures of the trip will be up soon!!

Went out to Chutneys last night for our xmas meal, and had a great time. Nice to see lots of you, and sorry to the people that couldnt make it. Went to Mood after and had a bit of a dance. We are going to head off to Last pleasuredome (December 4th)- fancy coming? If you do - email and let me know.

See you thursday - or last pleasuredome!!



Laserquest was another huge success. This time we kicked some serious ass (with Petter getting the highest score for the day in the second game). Lots of fun - will definitely arrange it for next term. Agg im still hungover........

We are looking at having an xmas meal before the finish of term - anyone got any ideas? email me

Dan :)


Lakes pictures uploaded here!!!


Good day to you all! Just a reminder about the North York Moors trip - thats filling up fast- only 7 spaces left. More info click here. If you are interested email

Also laserquest for Tuesday 18th of November. For everyone that has already been and is interested email Dan on with your name and numbers of people who you know want to come.

See you Thursday


The morning after.... Agg i feel shocking. Good night out at the pub crawl - lots to drink and then on to Po Na Nas. Places on the North York Moors trip are filling up, click here for more info.



Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to make your way to Oxford City centre on Friday evening (7th November) starting at 7pm in the Goose in Gloucester Green. From here we will proceed to get progressively pissed throughout the evening. Depending on if people have eaten or not, we will try and get a table somewhere in town and grab some food :) mmmmmmm f00d.

Anyway, take it easy - see you then




Hope you all had a good w/end. Good to see lots of you at Pdome at the weekend. I cant remember much about it, but apparently we had a great night.. :)

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor....


For you guys out there that also are believed to have alcohol dependency we have got the pub-crawl on next Friday, which could turn out to be vvvvery messy. I was thinking that we could go to the bridge or Po Na Nas after, which is pretty cool. I liked Pdome, so actually if anyone fancies going back there, im up for it. If we wanna go out in town, guys chuck on a shirt and leather shoes. We will have a chat about it on Thursday.


Supposed to be doing my dissertation, but im hooked on this website at the moment...


Lo everyone,

just a quick update-We had a great lake district trip.

Here is a link to the trip report, and a quick extract….

“We sat at the top of the second peak, and took in the amazing view. Ullswater Lake below us, with Helvellyn appearing in the distance. Sitting on the summit eating our lunch, we decided that we could get a few hours extra at the pub in, if we set of sooner rather than later… that’s just what we did.
After taking a few group pictures we set off down the mountain. Phil proceeded to tell us about his time in the German paramedic services, including one particular story in which an LSD user believer himself to have become a carton or orange juice. Not letting Phil drive him to hospital, as he feared that Phil would drink him… “

Click here to read to the full story.

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who came, and to Al and Phil for driving. Also want to mention that we are going to Pleasuredome on Halloween (Friday 31st October) for more info check here. Pubcrawl is also Friday 7th of November.

Take it easy



Check this link out... its a wicked little flash game!



Need the info in from all those going on the trip if we haven't already got it- email

Also added a social page with events such as paintballing

Found a few more ibiza pics

Fellwalking Posse

Dan and Lewis bustin some moves

Sunset at Cafe Del Mar

Takin it easy at Bar M

Check out this picture of Al and Maddy, all mashed up......


Updated info for Trips page

I am trying to get more places on the trip as it is now full, i will email about these, and we are able to get more spaces, you will need to be at thursdays meeting to pay

Weather for Lakes weekend - looks like we will have to pack warm/wet weather gear :)


Lo all, quick update -

Trip to Lake district next week
I think that there is only 1 place left, if you are interested email me Cost if £30 and £5 if you haven't already joined up.

I found some pictures from the last lakes trip we did last year

Kick ass :)

Website thingy
Thanks for your nice comments, have redone the intro bit. Will keep it up to date with news and type stuff. Also v useful to refer to for kit lists and diary of trips etc...

Meeting next thursday at 8pm.

Good to meet new people that turned up this week. We went on to feedback after, £1 a pint carling... cant be bad.

What day is best for you guys? Student night is tuesdays which is cheap, but if we can get twenty we can get the place to ourselves, so maybe a thursday night??

Pub crawl
I have decided first one will take place in oxford town centre, so you new people can get to check out the best bars, we will roll onto a club later, i will ring a few up and see if we can get guest list.

England are playing South Africa today at rugby- COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!! - update we kicked their asses

Dan :)

Hi there boys and girls, your loving VP here. Just to let you know that the website, but i think you have probably gathered already by reading this.

What news type stuff have i got for you... Hmm ok

A group of us went out for a few swift beers and played some laserquest last night, ive got a banging headache - from the beer tho, not the laserquest. We played a group of Oxford uni students, and unfortunately they whooped us. We just need some practice guys. We had a really great time, so i think that this will become more of a regular event. Was pretty damn cheap, only about £4 of 2 games..

This is planned for week 6,November 8-9th. Its going to be an all dayer... Should be faaaaaaaantastic. We may well end up at a club - parkend of the bridge or something. We will post mobile number on the email we send out, so if you want to meet us during the day.

Thursday meeting 8 at sports bar
A s per usual, get the beers in and meet loads of friendly people. If you haven't been before, and you are a bit worried about turning up and not knowing who we are, just email us - we could arrange to wear like pink carnations or something...i am joking.

Oh yeah, almost forgot- been suggested we go on to feedback at Morals after- they have a club type scenario going on there, so would be worth checking it out. We went there before, and it was £1 a pint.

Week 4 trip Lake district
(24th - 26th October)

Just a reminder that we will be taking money for the trip this week at the meeting. Cost is £30, plus £5 if you haven't joined yet. More info over here.

Take it easy


Stuart (climbing club guy) just emailed me this


Please forward this to all. Major problems with the BMC (British Mountaineering Council)

There is a copy of the petition on the outdoor pursuits notice board for
those of you who are individual members of the BMC to sign.



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