Lo there people, ive set this page up to keep you up to date with the latest in our social events. Click on a link to take you to the info about it. 2005-2006 info will be placed up here shortly....

Thursday Meetings

Pub Crawl 1


Laser Quest

Xmas meal

Pubcrawl 2

Comedy club- Jongleurs


Alton Towers

Thursday Social meeting

Sports Bar ( email me if you need directions )

Most of you already know about this one. We meet at 8.30 pm on Thursdays , and get progressively more drunk throughout the night. After there is a good chance that we will go on to Feedback down at Morals, for the £1 a pint Carling... or the Half Moon, where Al has assured me there is a decent lock in (they don't close...)

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Pub Crawl 1

This Tuesday (5 th ) our first Pub crawl starts meeting at 8.00 in the city arms on Cowley Road (opposite the bingo hall).

Job done - here

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This is a bit of a new idea... Seeing as you guys liked playing laser quest so much, ive decided we could get the minibus out, and drive to a Paintball field. We can either go for a full or a half day, prices start from £9.99 for a full day and £4.99 without any paintballs, to around £30 with 600 paintballs and a paint/smoke grenade.

I know there are lots of my mates that are interested in playing, so i think this would make a really cool day trip.

Check out the website below for more information

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Thanks mainly to the great response that the last laserquest evening had, we will be running this again, probably several times! Its really cheap to play on a tuesday night (£4 for 2 games) but we had to book in advance as there was lots of people wanting to play.

Last time we played a group of Oxford uni students, and unfortunately they whooped us. We just need some practice guys! Will talk to you on thursdays about this one.

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End of term Meal

Sometime in the last few weeks of term, would be great to get everyone out before they go back home

Pics here

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Pub Crawl 2

Sat 12th Feb - Starting on Cowley road - come to a meeting on thursday night to find out more or email


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Well, ive had a few suggestions that we all go to a comedy club, there are a few good ones in Oxford, but one of the best is Jongleurs. Its open most nights, and usually there is a student night, which is pretty cheap. You get a full nights entertainment, which some of the UKs best comedians, usually followed by the venue turning into a nightclub. For more info, head to the website

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Pleasuredome -

Not much to be said here...

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Had quite a few people asking about going to see films that are being released soon -.. If you have anything you want to go and see, email me and we will organise something.

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Alton Towers

Coming back from the Lake District, we noticed that Alton Towers (the biggest theme park in the UK ) was on our way back. Check out this link for more info.

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