Name: Adders
Real Name: Laird Adric William Warth
Position: Alumni Officer
Web Officer
Course: Finished MSc Web Technologies in 2008
Age: 26
Home Town: Boston, Lincolnshire, (Thats in England, not America)
Previous Experience: Ex PGL Instructor, Ex Lifeguard, Scout Activity Instructor, Several years hiking with Scouts
Drink of Choice: Cider, though I'm parsual to a nice Scotch
Other Interests: Mountain biking, computing, drinking (see above), Outdoor Pursuits, Extreme Sports, Annoying Gwen
Claims to Fame:

I have appeared in Loaded magazine bungee jumping.

I have been to Eton private college (I paid £2.50 and was let in to look round for an hour).

I was offered a job at Butlins (Home of the famous Red Coats) in the entertainments and Leisure department.

I was requested to work at the World Scout Jamboree in 2007 by one of the activities management team.

I used to swim for the same Swimming club/team and as Melanie Marshal of the GB Olympic Swimming Team.

I have had a lego action figure named after me: Sir Adric

Favorite Quote:

"Work is the curse of us drinking classes"

"To be old and wise, first you must be young and stupid"

"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened"

Favorite experience with society:

Alps Trip 2004 - hiking up to Glassier Blanc, celebrating result in the Alps, Visiting DisneyLand Paris - A great trip, not without its problems, but helped the team building.

Lake District, May 2004 - Wild Camping next to a lake

Previous Positions with Society:

2003-2004 Secretary - Fellwalking Club

2004-2005 Deputy President, communications Officer and Treasurer - Fellwalking Club

2005 - Founding Member and proposer of OBSU Mountaineering Society

2005-2006 President, Treasurer and Web Officer - OBSU Mountaineering Society

2006-2007 Chairman, Alumni Officer and Web Officer - OBSU Mountaineering Society

2007-2008 Alumni Officer and Web Officer - OBSU Mountaineering Society

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